December 14, 2010

Avs Beat Hawks... then Butcher Rhythm to Death

Amazing, isn't it, how a team can look so impressive in scoring seven goals against the defending Stanley Cup champion-Chicago Blackhawks and then... not so much? For the record, Paul Stastny had one goal and two assists in the game while Matt Duchene, ever Stastny's mirror image (not really, but for the sake of this sentence, why not?), had two goals and one assist in the Colorado Avalanche's 7-5 win Monday night. Cause for celebration? No doubt. Cause to loosen up a little and have fun? Count me in. Cause to act like a couple of obnoxious teenage buddies straight out of a 90s sitcom on their way to a kegger, thinking that they might get lucky? I don't think anyone could pull that off and look cool.

No, the Avs should be celebrating the fact that despite numerous injuries to key players, the team has won its last three games and are now in fifth place in the tough Western conference. Good for them. And, while everyone could use a good laugh at their expense, pulling out a choreographed celebration routine is akin to playing with fire. They should be humble and grateful for their success lately, not flaunt it for everyone including the hockey gods to sit and take notice. Although, if they did notice, they admittedly could potentially enjoy it for what it was: a few steps away from being a clear-cut homage to Alfonso Ribeiro's Carlton Banks.

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