February 25, 2012

Professional Hockey Player Andrew Ference Goes Green

Most hockey fans know about Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference because of the team's Stanley Cup championship run last season. And recently Ference made headlines for a three-game suspension he received after a hit on the New York Rangers' Ryan McDonagh. But the National Geographic Channel is showing another side of Ference that many NHL fans might not be aware of: eco-warrior.

"Beyond the Puck," a web video series featuring new episodes every Thursday, provides brief glimpses (the videos average only a few minutes) into the off-ice life of Ference and his family as the Edmonton, Canada native goes green. Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki inspired Ference to pursue a carbon neutral lifestyle and helped him start in 2007 the NHL's first environmental program that encourages players to go carbon neutral and think about their impact on the environment. 

One webisode shows how Ference ditched his gas-guzzling truck for a bicycle. He now bikes to work and plays with his two children on bikes. Other webisodes show Ference grocery shopping for healthy organic food and composting at home with his kids.

Ference joins other current and former NHL players like ex-Rangers goalie Mike Richter in taking a public stand for protecting the planet. With so many professional athletes these days making headlines for all the wrong reasons, it is nice to see someone like Ference inspiring others to do the right thing. 

- Josh Marks

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