January 24, 2012

Tim Thomas Tarnishes Image With White House Snub

Today, Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas put himself in front of his team, league and country by making a self-righteous political statement instead of attending a White House ceremony to honor the Bruins' Stanley Cup victory last season. In boycotting this event he selfishly stole the attention away from his teammates and the entire Bruins organization on a day that should have been a diplomatic, nonpartisan celebration of an amazing achievement in professional sports.

Championship sports teams have been honored in Washington by countless administrations over the years. It doesn't matter if there is a Democrat or Republican in the Oval Office, political disagreements have never entered the picture. That is until now. This is not about President Barack Obama, but respecting the office of the president of the United States of America. Tim Thomas may have exercised his right as a "Free Citizen," as he posted on his Facebook page, but that does not excuse his actions. He represents an organization that is paying him millions of dollars. He represents the National Hockey League that is trying to broaden its appeal into minority communities.  And as one of only two Americans on the team, he represents this country (players from Canada, Slovakia, Finland and other nations were honored to be at the White House with President Obama). 

There is a time and place for political protests. This was not one of them. Sports are supposed to be an escape from everything that divides us. It is supposed to be a safe place free of partisan politics. Today, Tim Thomas broke that sacred trust and it will take a long time for those wounds to heal. 

- Josh Marks


  1. Tim Thomas is a hero


  2. Really? He broke a sacred trust? that's rich. And while you go on about how much they pay him- they pay him to play hockey and win- which he does. He's made the Bruins as much money as they've paid him.

    This huge deal of going to the white house- this HUGE deal that maybe in a good year get 12 seconds at the end of a Sports Centre segment- This HUGE deal that couldn't even get Bill Clinton to pronounce Yzerman correctly, this HUGE deal is actually a very TINY deal that simply borders on "cool" for the guys to be able to say "yeah I've been to the White House."

    Sports is supposed to be an escape from everything that divides us- tell that to the Bruins fan in Tampa. GO Cheer for the Rangers in a Rangers jersey in Boston.

    How easy it must be to seemingly take a moral high-ground and effortlessly write such a scathing report.

    You say he put himself ahead of his team, league and country by asserting his beliefs- when you also put his team and league ahead of his country to write such a brainless unthoughtful "commentary".