February 27, 2012

Keeley's Korner - The Hunks of Hockey 2.0

The GetRealHockey Gmail account went crazy after I wrote my first article on the Hunks of Hockey.  Ladies all over the planet emailed me with comments and suggestions so I had  no choice but to hit the laptop and write another edition of the Hunks of Hockey.   

I am here in between all the articles on goals and fights to show the most important part of the beautiful game; the beauty !!!  Sorry boys but us ladies love our favorite players on and off the ice. Who wouldn't love a gorgeous, hockey playing , multi millionaire !!! 

Anyways close your eyes boys and ladies get ready for The Hunks of Hockey 2.0.   Check out the pics of my favorites and don't forget to email me (getrealhockey@gmail.com) with your favorites for the next edition of my column.       

Boston wonderboy Tyler Seguin is only 20 years old, but with his exceptional talent and his killer smile, it’s no wonder he’s already managed to make a name for himself in the league – both on and off the ice. With the amazing shirtless photos from the Bruins Foxwood celebrations a few years ago still being talked about, there’s no doubt that Seguin’s earned his spot on the list. (Plus he saw The Vow – who doesn’t love a guy who can actually admit he’s got a softer side?)

John Tavares has always been exceptional and 200 games into his NHL career and in the middle of what some are calling his ‘break-out’ year, that fact does not seem to be changing soon. With his hockey hair, amazing smile – and, let’s face it, his abs are kind of amazing as well – it’s easy to see why he’s as popular off the ice as he is on it.

Now, Ryan Kesler was covered last time – but after looking around a bit more, more photo’s have come up making it impossible to not put him up here again. In the ESPN Body issue, Kesler took it a step further then his underwear modeling shots and took it all off. There’s nothing to say really but wow; just…wow. 

Anyways, I have to get off to class now.  Hopefully the prof won't mind me day dreaming about the NHL and all those pretty faces.    

- Keeley Ryan

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