February 27, 2012

Keeley's Korner - Hockey Hotties for the Ladies in the UK

The response on my first two columns has been amazing.  I am all over this hockey hotties things and the shout outs from the readers really got me thinking.

While the NHL is all well and good for hockey hotties, there is no harm in looking elsewhere too – particularly in the Elite Hockey League, way over in the UK. After all, there’s nothing quite like a hot guy with an accent.

Here are some of the best looking lads to play the beautiful game across the pond.

Name: Craig Peacock
DOB: 8th August 1988
Belfast Giants
Why?: A standout player on the Giants, it’s hard not to notice Peacock – especially without all his uniform and equipment on. It’s unfortunate that there’s not nearly enough photos to show this (no shirtless shots, boo! L), but let’s face it – Peacock doesn’t really need them. With his gorgeous blue-grey eyes and curly dark hair, there’s no doubt that he falls into the hottie category. Even more unfortunate? It seems he’s off the market. But hey, maybe twitter’s not that reliable of a source… a girl can only hope.

Name: Tim Burrows
DOB: 22nd March 1990
Cardiff Devils
Why?: Again – it’s unfortunate that there’s no shirtless pictures. Maybe it’s an NHL thing? But oh well, it doesn’t really matter – the photos that are around are more then enough proof for why he’s on the list. The fact is, Burrows is just amazing. There’s no doubt that he’s talented – afterall, that’s why the Devils have kept him for so long – but with his not-quite-hockey hair and dimpled grin, it’s easy to see why he’s made the list. Plus, he watches ‘Take Me Out’ – perfect, or what?

Name: Josh Batch
DOB: 15th January 1991
Cardiff Devils
Why?: Of the three guys on the list, Batch is the baby of the group, yet has played the farthest away from home – and if the Devils brought him back from the US specifically to play, it’s really no question that he’s talented. Just like how with his blonde hair, blue eyes and nice smile, there’s no question that he’s just completely gorgeous. As a bonus, for those who like a guy with tattoos – I know I do - Batch’s got a shoulder piece on his right arm, which only adds to his hottness.

Anyways ladies, have to dash out now for some food.  Stay in touch and let me know what you think of my boys I think you will love them.  I know I did.

- Keeley Ryan

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