February 24, 2012

The Dominos Begin To Fall

On the 23rd day of February, the Trade Dominos started to fall, as The Columbus Blue Jackets traded Jeff Carter to the L.A Kings for Jack Johnson (not the musician) and a conditional 1st Round Draft pick. Your move Glen Sather !!

With this move being made the Rick Nash trade rumors have caught fire, but hold on to your skates the name Dustin Brown has now jumped into the conversation. The 27 year old winger has now been made available by The Kings. Brown, this season has 14 Goals and 17 Assists in 61 games. The intrigue with Brown is twofold for the Rangers, he is a cheaper option both money wise and what would be asked for in return, and he is a perfect fit into the Rangers system. This is a player who in 574 career games has 155 goals and 181 assists, and at roughly 4 million dollars till 2013, that is about half of what you would pay Nash. The comparison in the games of Nash and Brown are vastly different. Where Nash is not known to be a very strong two way player, Brown is and to fit into the Rangers system that is key. Nash does not play very often if at all on the PK where Brown would. Overall yes Nash will score more offensively but Brown has scored 20 goals or more 3 times and had a career high, 33 goals in the 07-08 Season.  When you compare the two players, it becomes pretty clear that if Dustin Brown really is available, then Sather should pull the trigger on that deal right away. That deal could also open up a few other options for the Rangers instead of making just one big deal. A deal for Brown, not only can help this team now but with upcoming RFA’s like Brandon Prust, Marty Biron and Ruslan Fedetenko.  It also does not strap the team financially from pursuing big name Free Agents next season such as Alexander Semin, Ryan Suter or Zack Parise. With all this being said, 

Glen Sather knows there is no pressing need to jump the gun on a deal especially for Nash. It’s being said that he is waiting to see if the asking price for Nash comes down. If not then there is no reason to mortgage the future of the franchise for the talents of Rick Nash. Ranger fans need to just be patient and wait to see what happens. Don’t get call up in all the rumors no matter how frustrating they are, especially if your favorite player’s names are involved. No moves have been made to this point and the rumors will fly from now till the deadline passes on Monday at 3pm. It’s going to be an Interesting weekend in the NHL, so let the pieces fall where they may, and bring on the playoffs. 

- Joe Clewell

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