February 19, 2012

Canucks Teach Leafs A Lesson In Hockey

Ok, ok let's be perfectly honest here...that hurt!!!

The Vancouver Canucks just laid a good 'ole licking' on the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight out at the Rogers Arena, showing us all that the Leafs have some work to do, to be with the upper bracket teams.

You might be thinking, gee da!!  Coach no kidding!  but the Leafs really thought they were getting closer than they actually are.

The final score, which was 6-2 for the Canucks didn't really show us the true outcome of this game. Unless you were watching it you might think, well that game wasn't so bad but wow, if you were actually watching, man that really did hurt!

The Vancouver team showed all of us Easterner's that the West can play some kind of good hockey out there! They passed the puck like magician's and then with pin point accuracy the puck was in the net before poor Reimer and Gustavsson (they should of kept them both in at the same time!) could blink a eye. It actually was a thing of beauty to watch those Canucks as they basically made the Leafs look like a minor pro team.

Now don't get me wrong and don't start sending the hate mail to the Coach but you must admit the Canucks are going to be hard to beat come playoff time.

Vancouver opened up the scoring in the first with a nice passing play between D. Sedin feeding the puck to A. Burrows who sent a wrist shot pass Reimer. About 2 minutes later Manny Malhotra made a outstanding individual effort to score his 6th of the season.

Going into the 2nd period the Leafs needed to either try and slow the Canucks down or have themselves put it in over drive, well neither happened and at the 3:18 mark, Burrows and D.Sedin joined forces again to put them up 3-0. At 6:02 finally the Leafs got on the board with a boomer of a shot from Captain Dion, with assists going to Kessel and J.Liles. As Leafs fans were hoping that maybe, just maybe if we could get the next goal and make a game of this. Well the VC team had their own thoughts on that and as any good team will do, they turned up the heat and started taking even more control of the game. At the 11:14 mark the brother Sedin's came together with a pretty play to make the score 4-1 and then with another minute or so later Sammy Salo came in from the point and slapped home a power play goal with assists to the Sedins.

The 3rd period saw both teams trade goals with the Leafs actually getting the final goal at 19:40 by Kulemin who might be starting to get out of his long season slump ( insert sarcasm here.)

Tonight was a lesson in how to play hockey as a elite team in the NHL and why the Toronto Maple Leafs will need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how they will get to that level.

Notes From The Game.

Leafs were outshot 36 -26 with only 2 penalties call on both teams.

Jake Gardiner was one of the best Leafs tonight, played a strong game against a very good team.

Still seeing the Connolly, Lombardi, Armstrong line staying together,...WHY?

Also still seeing Coach Wilson staying with the same game plan as if he was playing the Oilers, again...WHY?

Last Point: The Canucks mean business this year and why you say. After every goal they scored there was no yelling or hollering or 'hi-5' down along the bench to celebrate. It was a 'way-to-go' to the scorer and then onto the bench. That my hockey fans is a sign of a team who means business and also a team with some class! This Coach wishes more teams would get back to that!

Leafs next game is at home against the New Jersey Devils on February 21st at 7pm. Catch in on SNET Ontario.

Until Next Time.

See You After The Game,

Coach Nye

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