January 12, 2012

Ryan Ellis Bound to be a Star for the Nashville Predators

When Predators captain Shea Weber missed games with a concussion last month Predators fans feared for what the repercussions of this could mean for the team.  Very few people realized that the repercussions of not having Weber in the lineup would be the emergence of a future NHL star on the Predators blue line.  Predators fans and those who have seen Ryan Ellis play throughout his junior career and his times with Team Canada at the World Juniors knew it was just a matter of time before Ellis cracked the NHL lineup on the consistent basis, but no one could have predicted it to happen as soon as possible. 

Ellis stepped up right away proving that his lack of size is not going to affect his play in the NHL.  Ellis has been a player who thrives on the power play, much like Weber, his whole career and he fit into that role in Nashville right away.  Through six games this season for the Predators he has produce two goals and two assists for four points including a two game goal streak Ellis is currently on.  However Ellis’ offensive production is not the only thing that has allowed him to stay in Nashville even after Weber was reinserted into the lineup.  Ellis has proved to be solid in the defensive end of the ice holding a +2 rating through his first six games.  

During a season when Predators fans have to worry about whether or not their top two defensemen will return next season(Suter and Weber), Ellis is proving to be a bright spot of hope for the future for Predators fans.  Ellis has been a dominate player at all levels he has played at whether it was the OHL, or World Junior Championships, or even the AHL.  Ellis was named an AHL All-Star for the 2012 All-Star game proving his dominance at even the AHL level.  Predators fans everywhere can be thankful for this first round draft pick as potential changes loom in the background throughout the rest of this season.  Ryan Ellis has all the makings to become the next big defenseman to wear the sabre tooth tiger logo, and represent the city of Nashville.  So Predators fans be thankful and enjoy watching Ellis through the years because he is bound for greatness. 

- Isaac Berky

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