January 12, 2012

Looking for the Face of GetRealHockey

GetRealHockey is getting ready for the launch of our URL (GetRealHockey.com).

We are looking for the face of GetRealHockey to make videos for us.  The style of presenter we are looking for can be seen below.  We want someone witty and funny.

The obvious aim is to get a fan base for the site and hopefully some of the original material will go viral.

The effort to send GetRealHockey viral will start with the marketing of our theme song. You can hear the GetReal song by clicking the link below

On a closing note, we also want to speak to businesses which want to market unique NHL experiences (in conjunction with our team).  As you know, we ran this story in regards to an alumni cruise with the Canucks.

We are looking for similar experiences.  Anything outside the box is welcomed.

Please email us @ getrealhockey@gmail.com.

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