January 26, 2012

GetRealHockey Family hits Pinterest

It looks like we have found an exciting new way of sharing the GetRealHockey vibe.  We invite all our readers to visit us on Pinterest @

Pinterest is an exciting new online community with a large contingent of dedicated followers.  The site has some very cool hockey pics if that's your thing (wink, wink !!).

GetRealHockey's pins can also be found on our Facebook page @

This Facebook link is very active.  We have followers who play in the NHL like Mike Richards (LA Kings) and Phil Kessel (Toronto Maple Leafs).

We are excited by what is happening with GetRealHockey.  The re-launch of the site is in progress.

The new site will offer the best NHL VIP experiences in the business; so stay tuned.

In the meantime enjoy the cool GetRealHockey theme song.

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