December 8, 2011

Vancouver Canucks to Take On Montreal Canadiens - This Could Get Ugly

The Vancouver Canucks come into Montreal tonight and take on the struggling Habs at the Bell Center. The Canucks have done a complete 360 since the start of the season and they are now in a winning mindset.  The team is playing like the team which went to Stanley Cup Final last year.    

The Sedin twins are in sync as usual and the rest of the crew is led by Ryan Kesler.  Daniel Sedin totally destroyed the Avalanche’s confidence in their last game with a three goal performance. The Canucks have swagger and confidence and it showing in spades.  Luongo and Schneider are an unreal goalie tandem. 

The 6-0 drubbing of the Avs should be a real concern for Montreal.  The Habs have the poorest home record in the NHL and we suspect they will get steam rolled when they take on this high octane group from the West Coast. 

Carey Price should be under serious fire from the get go. Price has been carrying Montreal on his back since the start of the year but he is just a great goalie and not GOD.  We feel sorry for the Habs netminder.  The constant lack of support from his team has to be playing with his head.  We urge all Habs fans to keep their chin up and support Price.  Maybe a drubbing by the Canucks will be a good thing. 

Maybe this will be the catalyst to get change activated in the head office of the Habs.  A complete redrawing of the map has to be on the Canadiens agenda. 

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