December 17, 2011

Pronger, Giroux, Reimer, Crosby - Wow !!! This has to stop

Concussion drama keeps shaking the NHL this season with Chris Pronger being knocked out of action this week for the Philadelphia Flyers.  This disaster hit Philadelphia just days after Claude Giroux was also put on the sidelines with his on concussion. That's right folks the Flyers are in danger of being tipped off their pedestal because of the actions of their opponents.  The Flyers have been steady all year through force of will and skill and now they may suffer a tailspin because everyone on the ice are acting like locomotives off the tracks.

Old time fans remember when the world's fastest game was played without helmets.  Concussions were few and far between because players were aware that not only was the opponent without a helmet but so were they.  They didn't take shots at others because they didn't want others taking shots at them.  Yes there was fighting but fighting is done when players are immobile or virtually immobile.   Concussions on the other hand are caused by players barrelling together with helmets on.  Why doesn't anyone show these guys that head protection doesn't solve problems it only mitigates them.  Case in point the rash of NFL players with concussion issues.  Imagine if NFL players wore skates and now you have an idea what kind of shot Giroux and Pronger took to the head.  No wonder they are out of action.  Just because players wear the best and latest helmets that won't solve the concussion issues.  It is kind of like smoking low tar cigarettes and thinking you won't get cancer.  Low tar cigarettes will kill you and being hit by a 200 pound+  NHLer in the head will cause a concussion.

This year has seen some of the best fall by the wayside after a flurry of head shots.  The turmoil has hit front line players like Pronger as well as up and coming goalies like James Reimer. The NHL is trying to deal with this growing problem by handing out penalties and game suspensions from head office.  We have a  suggestion for the NHL.  Send the players back to 1970s equipment and the concussions will slow or stop.  This BS with concussions has to come to an end and giving people suspensions is not cutting it.

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