December 7, 2011

Habs Drop Another One to the Blue Jackets - This is Getting Old

The Habs suffered another humiliating loss at home to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The  Canadiens have the worst home record in the NHL at home so the loss to the Blue Jackets should come as no surprise.  What is a surprise is the lack of action in the GM's or management group's office in Montreal.  The team may not have money or room to make moves but they certainly owe it to fans to change the coach or the GM.  The players on the ice are not responding to Jacques Martin's leadership on the bench and it is starting to be reflected in their play on a nightly basis.  

In the post game interview with TSN, Carey Price looked lost.  He was talking about the Habs' quest for the Cup yet they can't seem to find enough gas in the tank to beat the dormat Blue Jackets.   The team has no focus.  You have to walk before you run.  If they could string wins together like the Bruins then they could talk about winning the Cup. 

Habs fans are loyal but not stupid.  This team is going nowhere.  There , I said it.  The Markov and Gomez fiascos have tattooed this team as basement dwellers.  If they don't get their act together; the Habs will be looking back to the Alex Kovalev days with fondness.  The team has some talent but they need leadership.  A move to replace Gauthier and Demers is a good start for the rebuilding process.  Time to bite the bullet Mr.Molson and get this ship moving in the right direction.  The story with the Habs is getting old and no one likes an old story.

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