December 22, 2011

The Guru that is Giroux rises!

Concussions are a big story in the league this year. Concussed players range from the all-star Defensemen Kris Letang to the forwards, like Rocket Richard hopeful Milan Michalek.

It almost seems that each team is hit with this epidemic at some point. One such team had the pleasure of losing not only their gritty Captain Chris Pronger but also was welcomed with a concussion to their leading scorer and MVP of the team.

The Flyers have been an injury plagued team all season, the tipping point that would really test this squad was when leading scorer Claude Giroux went down on friendly fire which gave him a concussion.

The scary part about concussions is that the injuries can be unpredictable in terms of how long a player needs to sit out, yet the promising forward only missed 4 games.

Claude returned to play against a physical and aggressive Dallas Stars team, but that did not stop Giroux from wanting to play.

Immediately he was placed back in his role of being the top countermen for the team and he did not skip a beat.

Giroux ended up playing 15:15 minutes of the game, while getting a goal and 3 assists; to solidify his league leading point totals to 43.

Coach Laviolette played the forward in just about all situations as if he was never injured.

This game not only continued the Flyers winning streak but also is a confidence boost to a team that keeps getting hammered with injuries.

Giroux's return now makes this already dangerous team, even stronger as the season progresses.

- Justin Stefani

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