December 7, 2011

GetRealHockey wants to speak to fans, businesses and non-profits interested in GetRealNHLVip

The GetRealHockey readership is growing on a daily and weekly basis. Our writers are the backbone of this effort.  In a move to monetize the website and offer a quality service to NHL fans we have devised a new website which will be good for fans, businesses and non-profits. Profits from this new website will be used to pay writers.

Our team is getting ready to launch  The site will offer real NHL VIP experiences to fans who want to get close to their favourite stars.  We intend to offer alumni trips with formers NHLers.   In the past we ran a story on a trip with the alumni of the Vancouver Canucks and received a solid response.  If you are planning this kind of event or trip and what to work with us; please email us @  

Our other getrealNHLVIP offerings will include access to NHL charity events like fundraisers and golf tournaments.  If you are a non-profit and would like to speak to us about this undertaking; please email us @   

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