November 14, 2011


The Habs lost another close one on Monday night in a shootout to the Buffalo Sabres.  Montreal was ahead 2-0 but let Buffalo back into the game in the third period. The Habs lost to the same Buffalo Sabres who were just destroyed by the Bruins by a score of 6-2.  This just added insult to injury.  The team had played well in recent victories against the Coyotes and Predators but they were unable to see it through for a third victory in a row.  They let a team in their division take a game from them and they showed everyone that they cannot play at the highest level; at least right now.

Montreal wants to love their team again. The Habs need to recognize their fan base by providing a quality and consistent level of hockey. The fans are not stupid.  The fans know Montreal can't win every night but the meltdown against Buffalo is a big no-no if the Habs want to keep the cheers from turning to boos.

The Buffalo Sabres were over powered for two periods on Monday and the Habs' faithful at the Bell Center were singing victory songs before the third period disaster. But the third period snuck up on Carey price and his team mates and when they final buzzer sounded they were deadlocked at 2-2.  The shootout was a sad affair as Price continued his Swiss cheese imitation from period number 3.  Price just has to be better when it matters.  The Habs need a leader and that task has to fall to Price if he wants to be considered in the elite; at his position in the NHL.

It has been a tough year for hockey fans in Montreal.  They have suffered through some real stinkers.  We think the Habs need to play their backup goalie more often and let Mr.Price ponder the meaning and probability of consistency.  They should have won tonight and with any luck they will win more often if they can get consistency behind the pipes.

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