November 23, 2011

Chris Nilan - Old Habs Never Die - Life After Hockey

Life after hockey can be difficult for some players.  When the roar of the crowd fades the thought of leaving the spotlight can be difficult.  Not every player can coach or do play by play on ESPN.  We are going to be profiling former players on GetRealHockey and seeing what they are up to after hanging up their skates.

The first former player we will be spotlighting is former Habs, Bruins and Rangers player; Chris Nilan.  Anyone following the NHL in the 80s knows the Nilan name and remembers many classic moments involving the high spirited forward. Chris Nilan was a legend and a fixture on many of the best Habs teams in the 80s.  He was always on top of his game and gave the team 100% each time he hit the ice.  Although he was best known for his pugilistic prowess, Nilan also could be counted on for scoring .  He put away 19 goals for the 1984-1985 Stanley Cup champion Canadiens.  This scoring touch put him in a different league than your run of the mill brawler.  He was the Habs answer to contemporaries like Bob Probert.

Chris Nilan has developed a loyal (post hockey) following in Montreal and his hockey related activities are centered around his website ( .  They love Chris because he was and still is a Hab at heart.  A well known local paper called the West End Times ( is capitalizing on Nilan's following and they have taken him on as a columnist.  We like the fact that he is so involved in Montreal hockey community.  He has maintained his close relationship with Habs fan and he is accessible at special events to meet fans on a one on one basis.  This is true commitment to his adopted city and the team which made him a star.  He is a shining example of post hockey success and we wish him the best and continued success.  

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