October 5, 2011

The Rollercoaster Restart Of a Sharks Fan

Every mid June I am left hungry waiting for the next 3 months to speed by as I sit and fill my time by playing summer street hockey, watching baseball...all the while waiting for the next season to begin.

I am hungry because every year I wait and patiently watch as my team battles for a chalice of legendary proportions...then watch as they fail year in and year out for the last 20 years.
It’s a hunger that grows each year as I watch the General Manager try filling in gaps with different accoutrements or fix the lingering issues that were not maintained before.

Its being a Shark’s fan that can make you want to pull out your teeth all the while being joyful that you have such a talented team. 

This year is no different...ever since my beloved sharks were knocked out by the Vancouver Canucks, I told myself…

"Well can't wait till next season. I know we will get it right!"

This doesn't mean I stop watching hockey altogether though, No I went out friends or stayed home and watched every game leading up the finish where the Bruins Won in fashion and knocked out the Canucks.

After a long summer it is time again to begin a new cycle of roller coaster emotions. Time for the pizza and games, time for your friends (that are fans of other teams) to jeer their team is better because they have a cup but really this is the time for My Sharks team to beat them down again... *cough Detroit*

Once again I look and see a team built to contend and once again I will stand by my San Jose Sharks...especially with the upgrades Wilson has done.

I will say out loud again, this is our year, and if not well there’s always next season...

Now with a nice taste of 5-1 preseason that really means nothing but showcasing a nice team. Finally it begins; the start of the NHL...let the games begin.

By Justin Stefani

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