October 7, 2011

The Potential Magic of Claude Giroux - This Fan is Loving It !!!

Claude Giroux... what is there to say about this young Canadian born player who has  been passed the torch to help lead the Flyers in the scoring department?

This young hotshot was drafted 22nd overall in the 2006 entry draft by the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Philadelphia faithful will know that he was  born in 1988 in Ontario Canada. Giroux was a right handed winger who has now turned to center plays well in all situation.  He has been a great draft pick and his hockey IQ keeps climbing.

Ever since (ex) captain Mike Richards and scoring sniper Jeff Carter were traded away in the summer, the buck has been passed to Giroux and he is expected to be to set up a new core with James Van Riemsdyk, prospects Brayden Schenn and latest 1st round draft pick Sean Couturier. Giroux scored 25 goals and registered 51 assists last year on route to an impressive 76 point campaign which was 29 points more than his 2009- 2010 season.  He is an excellent two-way forward as well; let’s just say Giroux does it all! 5v5 even strength? (50 points and plus 20) excellent! Shorthanded? (7 SH Pts) throw ‘em out there! Power play? (19 pts) Uh... YES!

This is not to say they will do all the heavy lifting, because Daniel Briere is still on the team as well as curly haired Scott Hartnell who is returning for another year of showing off his long locks and throwing his body around.  On top of all that you have the newly acquired Wayne Simmonds, Jacob Voracek and 39 year old NHL Elite European ex mullet extraordinaire...Jaromir "freakin" Jagr.

All those forwards are lethal weapons on any given night. With Giroux centering a line of JVR and Jagr they can become a very dangerous 1st line for the boys from Philly!

There is no doubt in mind that GM Paul Holmgren has decided to let Giroux be the lead center...and their first game of the season is a testament to that. In that game, Giroux was OUTSTANDING! His goal was off the charts !! Like a young wizard with the puck he beat the veteran Tim Thomas with his back hand to forehand goal. It was absolutely amazing! Let's not forget that the great pass down the ice came from Jagr. Again this is just a preview of what is to come for this young player and I for one can not wait to see what is in store for the leading goal scorer for the Flyers last year.

This writer has a bold prediction for this young All-Star? I expect 80 points as well as some of the most beautiful dynamic plays that will make the highlight reels in this coming season. The potential is there and continues to grow.

- Justin Stefani

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