October 13, 2011


The titanic clash between the Canucks and Bruins last year was one for the ages.  The Bruins wore down the boys from Vancouver with a heavy handed game which was backed up by brilliant goal tending from Tim Thomas.  Thomas was like the Energizer Bunny and he came through when needed leading Boston to a well deserved victory. 

Now that all the party is over and the excitement is gone, the Bruins are back at zero and look they seem to be carrying a hell of a Stanley Cup hang over.  The Beantown Boys have looked pretty ordinary in 2011-2012.  They are off to a lousy start and the whole team looks like they will wake up sometime in January.  Sad to say for Bruins fans but this team does not look like a dynasty let alone a contender for this year.  The rough and tumble hockey that the Bruins used to win the Cup last year is not going to hold up this season.  We think the Black and Gold will fade and join the growing ranks of Stanley Cup Champ flameouts.

The pressure of last year's Stanley Cup meltdown is also weighing heavy on Roberto Luongo.   He has been soft at best so far this season.  The final series with the Bruins showcased Luongo and he failed to carry the torch when it counted.  The scar from the meltdown is still showing on Luongo and the Canucks have been unable to hold off opponents so far this year.  These guys are going to need to pick up their game fast before they have to start playing catch up. 

Luongo is like Thomas and he is living in the sunshine of the glory from last year's Stanley Cup run.  Fans are going to need more from these guys.  Come on guys !!!  We know you are better than you are playing !!!  Anyways, stay tuned, fans.  The Luongo and Thomas show will be interesting no doubt.  However we seriously doubt we will see either of these guys on a Stanley Cup Champion at the end of this season.  

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