October 13, 2011

Back to Hitting for Sid the Kid

Sorry Jeremy Roenick but yes this is another Sid the Kid update. Thursday marked the first practice in which Crosby was cleared for contact since the January incident that has kept him out. Clearly an up beat Crosby admitted, “It’s exciting. It’s hard to be patient at this point. Getting closer. Just want to make sure I respond well.”
Which Sidney will we see? A superstar who hasn’t missed a beat? A not what once was Crosby? Well we will have to wait and see but luckily that will come sooner than later. Concussions are a tricky injury to predict the recovery from which has become more than apparent in today’s NHL. A common statement from all players coming back from this injury, will see what happens after the first real hit. Regardless, the majority of hockey fans feel he will continue to dominate like the streak we saw him on last season before the injury.
With so many quality players suffering career ending or significantly reduced productivity from concussions this fear is real and is not new in our game. Watching the careers of players like Eric Lindros and, what appear to be evident in, Marc Savard is tough to witness as it leaves you feeling that you missed out on something truly special. Only time will tell but I can guarantee I will be watching.
By: Liam Niven

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