October 9, 2011


Carey Price stood tall in the nets as the Montreal Canadiens crushed the Winnipeg Jets in their home opener in the Peg.  The final score was 5-1 and the Jets were left with their tails between their legs.  This young team has a ton of pressure to deal with since they have entire province cheering them on.  CBC realized the excellent TV appeal of this historic match and went coast to coast with coverage.  They trumped out Don Cherry and focused their cameras on the crowd which was awash in old and new logos for the hometown Jets.

The Jets took a lot of bad penalties and played hockey which was lacking in discipline and mental toughness. Carey Price stonewalled any attempt to score even when the Jets were up 2 players thanks to Habs being in the box .   Montreal's offence was broad based which is a good sign for the Canadiens' faithful. These guys know they are capable of more and we suspect that a healthy and strong Price could fire up the snipers from Montreal and lead to strong start from the Habs. 

As for Winnipeg; this is just the beginning of a interesting journey.  The fans in the Peg know hockey.  If their team can tighten and get rid of the jitters we should see some solid on ice play by midyear.  This kind of bruising at the hands of the Habs is a good lesson.  Take less stupid penalties, play as a team and protect your goalie.        

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