October 16, 2011


Montreal fans suffered through another Habs implosion on the ice on Saturday night.  This loss threatens to become an issue for the team. The Canadiens have started this new season in troubling fashion.  The pre season play of the Habs should have foretold that bad hockey would rear its head in regular season play.  Mediocre offensive production in the pre season and sloppy goaltending gave the Habs a losing record before the start of the 2011-2112 race to the Cup.

So far in regular season play things have not been much better for Montreal. The Habs have lost some important games against the Leafs, Flames and the Avalanche.  Yes it is still early but Montreal is very streaky if history is any indication.  The problem here is that Montreal usually gets off to a strong start and softens in mid year.  A losing streak at the start of the year is deadly.  Ask the Leafs.  They usually loose big at the start of the year.  Once you lose big at the start of the year, you are playing catch up for the rest of the season.  That always ends up badly.  If Montreal has a losing streak out of the gate and softens mid season, it could be a very long year for Price and his teamates.

Yes the injury bug is all over the Habs roster but these guys need to pick up their game.  Carey Price is running on the success fumes from his break out season last year.  This year is dramatically different, and Carey needs to start recognizing the change.  Against the Leafs, Price let in easy  goals despite the fact Toronto's poor play. The story was the same against the Flames.  Price got bombed and it looked like he had taken the day off.  He was there in body against Calgary but mentally he was somewhere else.    His latest fiasco against Colorado is more evidence that Price's magic is MIA.  The shootout loss was unacceptable against a very young Avalanche team.

We don't like the 1+1 in this situation.  Injuries + poor play from Price could see the Habs get off to the poorest start in years.  Price is to easy going and needs to start taking this more seriously. Time will tell what happens but all true Habs fans should be concerned.

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