December 26, 2011

We want a hockey handicapper blogger for GetRealHockey

Getrealhockey has been steadily building readership over the last 18 months.  We have developed a solid following of hockey fans at the NHL level.  We also have readers who follow KHL, EPL, EIHL, CHL,OHL, QJMHL, and WHL action.   The blog has both recreational readers and readers who like the numbers end of the game.  They often hope to win hockey bets through Provincial and State lotteries, Las Vegas,  and UK bookies. 

If you know how to handicap hockey games we want to speak to you.  Our readership has been asking for sports handicapping columns and we want to speak to a blogger who has this kind of knowledge.  GetRealHockey does not sanction illegal betting.  It urges readers to follow the laws in their own jurisdiction.  GetRealHockey does not own (or profit from directly or indirectly) a sports betting enterprise or website.

Please email us @ if you think you can blog for us  in regards to hockey handicapping.

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