October 17, 2011


Eastern Canada is a bastion of hockey and the rivalry between Montreal and Toronto is legendary.  The Leafs have suffered for a number of years when compared to the Habs.  Montreal has been  in the playoffs on a regular basis while the Leafs have always been one of the first to hit the golf links come post season.

Montreal and Toronto usually start strong but not this year.  The Maple Leafs have come screaming out of the gate in 2011-2012 while the Habs have stumbled.  The Habs and Leafs have switched places in the standings and despite the wishes of Montreal fans; this could be a long term situation.  Reimer is playing like Price should be playing and Kessel is playing above and beyond any forward Montreal has to offer.

The Habs have been bombed offensively this year and goals have been sailing past Carey Price at an alarming rate. Subban and the other Canadiens have left Carey to fend for himself and until the defence tightens up, Price could be in for a rough ride.  The Habs' goalie is streaky when it comes to performance and we think the losing will continue until Montreal can't put two good games together.   

As for the Leafs, they could finally get one up on the Habs if they hold their own till mid November.  Getting a good start is critical for the Leafs and this squad has the stars  and experience to finally get the Leafs into playoff contention.  All they need is to keep their eye on the prize.

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