October 29, 2011


The clash at the Bell Center tonight will see the Habs and Bruins face off for the last spot in the NorthEast Division.  Fighting for last place is an unusual spot for these two storied franchises.  The rabid fans at the Bell Center will not make it easy for the Bruins and we expect a good game despite the fact that both teams are having such a hard time.

The Bruins have had a very public fall from grace so far this year.  The offense which won them the Stanley Cup has evaporated and the Bs which started the new season with high hopes now look weak and disoriented.  Chara and Thomas are not playing to last year's level and we think that the malaise will continue.  Letting solid players like Ryder and Sturm walk away has proven to be a costly mistake by Bruins management.  The old adage that you are never most at risk until you are convinced you have arrived applies readily to the Bruins.

Montreal has not been much better than Boston this year.  There is a hint of a turnaround in the air for the Habs with them coming off consecutive victories against the Flyers and the Bruins.  Carey Price is showing signs of last year's heroics and it looks like this hot streak could have some staying power.  The last two victories saw the Habs come from behind which was something they were unable to do in the pre-season and the start of the season.  We expect Montreal to beat Boston in tonight's game and leave Boston at the bottom of the division; all alone.

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