October 14, 2011


The new NHL season has been an eye opener for many NHL fans.  The mighty Bruins have looked mediocre at best and the Canucks are feeling the heat to keep up with the Jones'.  The pressure of past successes is a problem for both these squad and unfortunately for their fans, a tumble from the top can be much more pronounced than a rise to the top.  It is really a what have you done for me lately world when it comes to NHL hockey.

Habs fans are used to irregular play from their team.  This year is no exception.  Price which looked brilliant against the Jets was very soft against the Leafs and even worse against the Flames.  Price needs to be a rock in order for the Habs to have a legitimate chance at being a presence in the competitive East.  Montreal fans want and demand better.  Heads will roll at mid season if these boys are still playing like they did against Calgary.

The Avalanche are one of the big surprises in this new season.  This young squad is racking up wins and it looks like smart moves in the net will pay off for Colorado this year. It is still very early in the year but stranger things have been known to happen; we like Colorado so far.  The Avalanche remind us of the Blackhawks squad before they made they their run for the Cup.

Finally, everyone knows by now that we are big fans of the Capitals.  This looks to us like it could be their year.  The likes of Green of Ovechkin are ready to put their names on the NHL's top prize.  This year it looks like Washington could finally get a winner.  Look out Barrack !!!  The Caps are in town !!!    

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