September 28, 2011

The new NHL season has so many question marks - Leafs, Habs, Bruins, Jets, Kings, Oilers, Flyers

The NHL season is set to kick off and NHL fans are asking all sorts of questions

Leafs - Is this the year they finally make the playoffs ?  Should they pin all their hopes on such a young goalie ?  Can they have a good January - February and stay in contention?

Habs - Will Price gets some help this year ?  Will Markov be able to stay healthy and lend PK Subban a hand ?  Is Gomez going to be in the press box by January 1st or will he surprise ?

Bruins - Can these boys capture the magic from last year ?  Will they miss clutch players like Ryder ?

Jets - Will the Jets head to the playoffs in their return to the Peg ? Will they be the blueprint for a return of hockey to Hamilton or Quebec City ?

Kings - This young squad looks ready to step up and go big time ?  Will Kopitar and company step and make Kings fans forget about Gretzky and Simmer ?

Oilers - Northern Alberta could be in for a surprise this year.  This team looks destined for big things .  How will the kids perform for the Oil ?  Could this be the start of a new dynasty ?

Flyers - Is the goalie issue finally done in Philadelphia ? Can Jagr actually contribute ?  Will Carter be missed ?

This is going to be an interesting season, no doubt ....We will tip our hat and call for big performances from San Jose, the Kings , the Jets and the Capitals.  As for a Stanley Cup winner; we have to go with either Boston or Washington.  

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