May 1, 2011


Looks like the Habs ghost is dead and gone in Montreal.  The team got the boot from the post season last week and the chanting and cheering has died down to zero in tdowntown Montreal.  The boys in red , white , and blue are gone now and the traditional wait till next year is ringing loud and clear.
Montreal bowed out to Boston in the playoffs but it was clear that the core of a great team lies below the surface of this current squad.  Guys like Subban and Price clearly showed that they are ready and able to take the Habs to the next level.  Subban's blue line leadership brought back memories of legendary defensemen like Savard and Robinson.  Subban can carry the puck like no other defenseman can in Montreal.   Markov should be jettisoned by Montreal as the habs will have to make tough financial decisions to make in the next 12-24 months.  The big cash has to be spent on players like Subban and Price who have brilliant futures.

Price is a King in Montreal , now.  The Halak episode of last year is a distant memory and Carey should find himself in nets for Montreal for a very long time.  This young man showed immense character by overcoming the chorus of boos at the start of the season.  He did everything but stand on his head all year long and if Montreal had been a little steadier defensively , they could have competed for the Cup.  While Subban was a standout on the Montreal blue line, Gill and Hamrlik were like ghosts.  Price was often left alone to defend against some pretty heavy offensive minded teams.  The Habs can help themselves by getting younger and more skilled on the blue line.  It will help Price and Subban out in the long run.  Markov, Gill, and Hamrlik should be gone and the door should be left open for players who play every game well into the end of May.       

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