May 6, 2011


The big bad Russian express has left the Washington Capitals sitting on the sidelines as they lick their wounds from the ass kicking they received from the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The Ovechkin led pack of European hotshots were unable to come to life at any point during the series.  They were man handled by the Canadian connection of Lecavalier, St-Louis, and Stamkos.  The heart of the Bolts team completely dominated the hapless Capitals and it looks like they will be a handful for their next opponent.  

Tim Thomas and the Bruins seem headed for an eventual showdown with the Bolts.  This will be a harder team to pull apart for Tampa.  The Bruins are "old style" hockey and they won't shy away from Tampa's Canadian superstars.  Hitting with be more intense against Boston and Tampa may be afraid to stand in front of the net when required.

Europeans have longed been tagged as "chokers" during the playoffs.  Don Cherry has been riding Europeans for years and Overchkin and his buddies made Cherry look like a genius with their performance against Tampa.  We like Boston to finish off the Flyers but we think the Bolts are up for a real fight against the Bruins with no clear winner in sight, right now.  Assuming the Bruins stay healthy and don't tire out; we think they could put an end to the Bolts "Cinderella" run. 

2011 is a warm up for Tampa Bay.  They are building a dynasty.  Unfortunately for hockey fans in the sunny south , we think it will be a wait till next year scenario once the next series is over.   

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