May 8, 2011


The Predators roared back to life last night and kicked the Canucks to the curb.  Nashville was knocking them into the net like Luongo was MIA.  Just when you think the Canucks are ready to move on, these guys do an about face and get blown to bits.  The score was 4-3 but the Canucks were never really in the game.  Luongo has to get his game face on and pull his best stuff out for the next encounter.  The Predators are a solid team but in theory, Vancouver should have buried them by now.  We like Canucks to win but just like the rest of the 2011 Stanley Cup race, anything is possible.

Detroit is at bat tonight against San Jose.  This one has been one sided so far if you go by the games won and lost tally.  San Jose can't let the snipers on Detroit get into the groove if they want to move on easily.  A win by Detroit tonight puts the target squarely on the Sharks.  Momentum is a nasty bitch and the Sharks will have too much to overcome if they lose that it could put the whole series in jeopardy for them.  Detroit is a great team but the boys from San Jose should come out on top in this series.  Nothing is guaranteed in life or in hockey so Detroit has a chance to turn momentum on it's head tonight and eventually knock out the favoured Sharks.

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