May 7, 2011


The one constant in this year's Stanley Cup race is that great goaltending will carry the day.    Having less than perfect goaltending has proven to be a disaster.  Ryan Miller was a question mark for the Sabres and that turned out bad.  Fleury succumbed to pressure again for the Pens and now they are playing golf.  Of course, all our readers know about the goaltending  problem in Philly.  Their net minding mess when from damaging to crisis level against the Bruins.  Philadelphia goaltending imploded and the Flyers looked like a Pee Wee team in their series against the Bruins.
A great goalie makes an average team look even better.  This was the case with Montreal.  Carey Price did everything but stand on his head for the Habs and it still wasn't good enough.  Montreal did pick up their game 100% because of Price but unfortunately for them, Tim Thomas was at the other end of the rink for Boston.  The Bees have a skilled team and the guys are looking like superstars in front of Thomas. The Bruins are rolling into a series with the Lightning and Tim Thomas should be the difference one more time.  The guy is a work horse and a high pressure performer.   Boston is on a roll and we like them more and more to become champions.  Momentum is a big part of the sport and being good is one thing but good and lucky can make you a champion.

The goaltending issue has been a key driver in the success of the Canucks.  These guys were almost embarrassed by the Black Hawks.   The Black Hawk comeback was solely on the back of Roberto Luongo.  His collapse could have buried Vancouver but he managed to turn it around and sew up the series for the Canucks in a hard fought game seven.  Against Nashville, Luongo has been key in holding off the Predators.  His game two performance allowed Vancouver to stay in the series.  The Predators could have buried Vancouver and put them up on the ropes.  The 2-1 victory by Nashville was not a blow out and Vancouver was able to rally for a game three victory in the Predators home building.   Again the series' outcome is in Roberto Luongo's hands.  We expect him to stay the course and take the Canucks forward. 
Good goalies are the difference between Cup contenders and winners.  Thomas and Luongo look good for their squads.  Stay tune and time will tell us which one of these warriors gets to put their name on Lord Stanley's cup.

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