April 21, 2011

Good Luck Chara - You are Going to Need It !!!

The Habs are gearing up for an insane night tonight as the Montreal faithful get ready to pour into the Bell Center.   The Bruins always fill the building in Montreal and tonight will be extra special with Thomas and Chara trying to keep Boston alive.  The chants from the crowd will sound like a thunder clap to the boys in Black and Gold.  If Chara tries anymore goon tactics, the hometown crowd will be all over him.  The towering giant on the blue line for the Bees is a not known for good judgement or sportsmanship.  Zdeno finds it easy to throw his weight around.  I guess it his way to make up for the lack of talent.  His booming slap shot is not a measure of his skill but merely a function of his height and weight.  By his own admission, Chara is not the king of cognition.  In his interview following the Pacioretty hit; Chara admitted that he did not even know he hit Pacioretty with his oversized frame.

Anyways, this game promises to be a real barn burner.  Carey Price , the poster boy for Habs hockey, will have to come up large.  Mr.Price has done his best to imitate Halak's heroics from last playoff season.  He might as well have Halak 2.0 put on his back.  If he can put Boston away, the whole Halak thing will just be a distant memory.  It is time to go big or go home Carey !!!
This is going to be an insane game !!!    

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