April 24, 2011


This year's Stanley Cup race has seen some strange turn of events.  Some of the most interesting include the ups and downs of the Canucks and the Flyers goalie merry go round.  This weekend was no exception to the rule with some very unusual action all over the league.
Last night, I sat there and watched the Bruins and Habs locked in a titanic battle of wills.  Carey Price did everything he could to keep his team in the game and Tim Thomas did the same.  This was a hockey game for the ages. The Bruins which have never come back from two down to win a seven game series are now on the verge of creating history.  The Bruins squad is psyching out the Canadiens and their will to win has been too much for Montreal.  The tide favours Boston and Montreal is going to need the top guns to show their stuff if they expect to advance.

Gomez is nowhere to be found for Montreal and the defense is laughable at times.  Stalwarts like Gill are running all over the ice and look lost.  It is going to take some doing but Montreal will have to tighten up or they could be crushed in their next encounter with the Bees. 
Today, Nashville stunned Anaheim and entered the 2nd round of the playoff for the 1st time by kicking the Ducks to the curb.  The Preds are a solid team with obvious talent.  They look and smell a lot like the Hawks of last year.  They are a team to watch in round 2 and we expect that their next adversary will be in for a hard fought series.
This is going to continue to be an interesting race, no doubt.  We favour Washington to go all the way but hell, this is the year of the unsual so anything is possible.

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