December 10, 2010

Now That's Using Somebody Else's Head!

Seventeen-year-old Oscar Milton, who plays for Almtuna J20 of the HockeyAllvenskan league in Sweden (the second-highest level of hockey in Sweden) takes the lacrosse goal we've seen at least one-hundred times (which still gets about as old as making Colin Campbell jokes) to a whole other level, by not even doing the opposing goalie in the clip the courtesy of aiming for the net. Instead, Milton chose to embarrass him by banking it in from off his head from behind the net. Shameless. I wonder what Don Cherry would have to say about this hot-dogging, if he wasn't busy ranting about communist sympathizers, apparently senile, and stuck in the Joseph McCarthy-ruled America of the 1950s, that is.

On first (and eventually fifth) glance, it looked as if Milton's stick may have risen above the crossbar, thereby making it illegal (or at least it would be in the NHL, not sure how it works in Sweden and I ain't planning on taking Swedish lessons to learn the language just for the sake of reading the rulebook), but it was pretty to watch and an ingenious reimagining of a classic, and not just in the vain of the new Battlestar Galactica series either... you know, with it having an actual ending and all.

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