November 23, 2010

Staal Hit on Stajan a Hit on Broadway

Clean and solid seemed to be the best way to describe New York Rangers defensemen Marc Staal's hit on Calgary Flame Matt Stajan on Monday. It's perhaps more accurate to call it clean and rock solid, as in like a rock, as in a Chevrolet truck, as in Stajan probably would probably have been better off being hit by a Chevrolet truck, because at least he would have been hit by an American-made vehicle. As it happens, Staal is from Canada, where toughness is a way of life and things like this are a near-everyday occurrence:

Bottom line: Stajan never had a chance. An on-the-side memo to owner Charles Wang: As tempting as it may be, and as far superior as they may be to your New York Islanders, kids need to be 18 to enter into the NHL.

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