November 12, 2010

Semin Shows Ovechkin how It's Done

I don't think anyone will ever confuse Washington Capitals stars Alexander Semin and Alexander Ovechkin. Despite the fact that both share the same first name, despite each being Russian, and despite each not exactly meeting any one conventional standard of attractiveness. Just taking that last point as an example, one looks like he fell face-first out of his mother's womb 25 years ago and the other fights about as effeminately as  his appearance is androgynous. However, they both can score, seemingly at will, and even taking into account their aforementioned physical shortcomings it is probably safe to assume that they do so about as prolifically off the ice as they do on it. But I digress.

On Thursday, Semin scored a hat trick, providing the margin of victory in his team's 6-3 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Ovechkin also scored in the game and added two assists, leading to speculation that his spot on the roster is safe for now.

What's perhaps most impressive about Semin's trick is that he scored all three goals in just 15:11, all in the third period. Indeed, Semin continues to disprove my argument that he wouldn't know what the term clutch meant if he was locked in a washroom with diarrhea with nothing to read but the manual to his sports car. Power to him... for making me look foolish and having enough money to own a sports car.

However, as impressive as Semin's accomplishment last night was, the owner of the NHL record for the fastest record is way faster, clocking in at 21 seconds. That record belongs to Chicago Blackhawks great Bill Mosienko, who scored his trick against the New York Rangers on March 23, 1952.

Kinda makes you long for the good old days when hockey fights were fought between tough guys and pansies knew not to, doesn't it?

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