November 17, 2010

Now We all Know Why Maxim Lapierre Rarely Fights

For the record, Montreal Canadiens forward Maxim Lapierre has been in 11 fights over his five-plus years in the NHL. That would make his fights less frequent than phone calls home from a deadbeat dad, making sure to check in on his kids every so often. Are we saying that Lapierre is worse than a beer-swilling, welfare-cheque-cashing loser that doesn't know right from wrong enough to drop in and see his kids beyond the pre-requisite visits on Christmas and birthdays? As much as we'd like to in light of all the chirping he does, the fact of the matter is he fought Philadelphia Flyer Darroll Powe in an effort to stick up for his fallen teammate in Jeff Halpern, who got checked hard into the boards just before. Of course, the key word there is "effort" as in try, as in failed... miserably. Baby steps, though. Maybe next time he'll even land a punch.

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