November 4, 2010

Niskanen Loses to a Kid in a Fist Fight... How Embarrassing

It wasn't Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby's first fight, and, judging by how well he was able to handle himself Wednesday night against Dallas Star Matt Niskanen, it won't be his last. What's perhaps more surprising than the wrath Crosby suddenly unleashed is that it was actually his fifth go-around in the invisible squared circle. He's even 4-1 after last night. Impressive stuff.

Crosby went as a result of teammate Kris Letang losing to Brenden Morrow mere seconds earlier in a fight in which the Pen didn't even land one punch, mostly due to a partially injured hand. That of course raises the question why he chose to fight in the first place, forcing Crosby to try and regain some momentum for his team in a game Pittsburgh lost quite handily, 5-2..

Despite the loss, despite the Pens no longer having any viable goaltending option with Brent Johnson suddenly playing like the back-up he's supposed to be (admittedly just in the one game) and Marc-Andre Fleury falling back into bad habits of sucking so much that he's no doubt attracted the attention of Pittsburgh's gay community, there is reason to be optimistic in that the team is still .500 on the year, the overall outlook is good, and their captain, especially after last night, can legitimately be considered one of the best in the game.

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