November 15, 2010

The Legend of Sean Avery Continues to Grow

New York Ranger Sean Avery is becoming a little more every day like that monster under children's beds, a story kids grow up believing that scares them straight, a myth that grows and grows in their minds unless nipped in the bud at a very young age. That is in fact how some kids never seem to get over being afraid of the dark, or Vogue magazine interns with little actual fashion sense.

In any case, the latest addition to that legend came on Sunday and it goes a little something like this: "Whenever you lay your head down at night to close your eyes and go to sleep,  as sure as the night sky is black, he will attack from under your bed and feast on your soul, then his to keep."

Edmonton Oiler Ladislav Smid now knows firsthand just how real the stories are, that the troll in question has little to no actual honour after he reportedly laid him out with a cheapshot in Sunday's 8-2 Rangers' win in New York. The real ironic part is that the initial hit that set Smid off, got him looking for a fight, was actually a relatively clean one on Colin Fraser, meaning Avery shouldn't have had to fight and no one would have thought any less of him afterwards (at least in theory, anyway; everyone probably assumed the amount of  respect for him was already as low as possible). However, with the incident going down as it did, with Avery clocking Smid as he looked away, allegedly after telling him numerous times to "wait", Avery has sunk even lower. How low, you may ask. Let's just say his being brain-dead must not be a coincidence and be a direct result of drowning in depths of water not yet explored by humans.

It's not as if Smid is a super-heavyweight either. He is 6'3" and (just barely) over 200 pounds, but he has also just been in a handful of fights. Avery has been in over 50, so he most definitely had the edge experience-wise. Of course, after yesterday, maybe someone should review the tapes and see just how many he actually fought cleanly.

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