November 24, 2010

Further Proof the Justin Bieber Phenomenon is Bursting out of Control

Those are the Montreal Canadiens being asked what they like about Justin Bieber. Other than Bieber being Canadian, is there really anything of value that ties one to the other? For God's sakes, he's not even from Quebec. He's Ontarian!!! Why not get the Maple Leafs to answer the question? At least then it would give them something else to worry about than putting pucks in the net. You're right... even that's cruel and unusual punishment... even for the Leafs. God! At least a handful of Habs answered "nothing" in response to the question. The best answer? Defenseman P.K. Subban saying he likes him because he's known for being "down to earth". That explains the whole cockiness thing. He's using the Biebs as a role model!

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