November 10, 2010

Derek Boogaard: Gun not Goon for Hire

Don't look now, but New York Rangers superstar Derek Boogaard (he's a superstar in his own way) is on pace for career-highs in goals and points following this blast last night against the Washington Capitals. It would seem the ever-versatile forward can not only punch, uppercut, jab, cut open, hit, and concuss opponents. Now he can add snipe to his repertoire as well. Granted those aforementioned highs are projected to be six goals and 12 points this year, and no one is really expecting him to not go another five seasons between goals, but in its own way yesterday was special... like the Northern Lights, or, perhaps more accurately, Halley's Comet, which occur every three-quarters of a century. I guess now we know why general manager Glen Sather reached out to Boogaard, because it sure as hell wasn't for his penalties-in-minutes totals, which are now up to a meagre 21 in 13 games. We also know why the Capitals are not known for their defense, as well as why Tyler Sloan is really only now, at the age of 29, getting a full-time shot in the NHL. The bright side of this? He now has a story to tell his grandkids one day, being one of the few to allow Boogaard, now with four career markers, to get the best of them on the ice without him using his fists.

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