October 27, 2010

I Didn't Realize Cinderella Broke Her Heel, Sprained Her Knee, AND Lost Her Shoe when the Clock Struck 12

Maybe that headline is just a wee bit cynical, but when Colorado Avalanche goalie Craig Anderson stands on his head for the better part of one season for his team, leading them to two first-round victories when by most accounts they had no business even making the playoffs, one has to think that the other shoe is going to drop eventually. And it did on Tuesday night when Anderson injured his knee (official injury unspecified at the moment) during warm-up, before a game he wasn't even set to start.

Obviously, one has to hope that Anderson is alright, not necessarily for the Avalanche, who will be hard-pressed to duplicate their success from last season, but for Anderson himself. After several great seasons with the Florida Panthers as an above-average back-up who outshone starter Tomas Vokoun time and again, he finally got his chance to step into the spotlight in Colorado, and, needless to say, he made the most of it by posting a 38-25-7 record last year.

Get well, Mr. Anderson. You are the One after all, at least the only one who can lead Colorado to a winning season. The Peter Budaj experiment kind of blew up a few seasons ago and left a stink that has yet to completely dissipate two years after the fact.

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