March 13, 2012

Here is to Hoping the Blackhawks Won’t be Singing the BLUES tonight at the UC

Well it has come to be that Jonathan Toews will not play tonight against the St. Louis Blues; he is still not cleared by the Blackhawks medical staff and trainers for contact. He did skate on Friday Morning and again on Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was an off day for the Blackhawks as they had a team event where they had lunch and were handing out scholarships in Oak Brook for Blackhawk charities. It was announced at this event to the media that Daniel Carcillo was signed for a two year contract at $825K a year. Carcillo said he was one of the happiest men in Chicago because he felt some security knowing that the Blackhawks Organization wanted him to stay and play after he is healed from him ACL surgery. Carcillo said he is sure by summer he will be 100% and ready for the 2012-2013 Season. When asked what he has felt watching his team play as of lately he stated “There were a few times that I have yelled at the TV.” Wonder what he was yelling, he was asked to which he said he did not wish to repeat. His teammate Marion Hossa, said that Carcillo was missed on the ice and in the locker room where his energy was very always welcome.

Getting ready to plan the Blues was something that was being discussed around the tables as lunch was being served. “We are looking forward to playing them; “we are looking forward to bringing our A Game and taking what we have recently learned about ourselves as a team and apply it out there on the ice.” When I asked what they felt that had mostly recently learned they simply stated, “Some Hard duty Team Work.” With Toews out, and the power play not being what they want it to be, it will be a struggle. The playoffs are on their minds already and they are talking about and thinking of ways to make them what they want them to be. “We know there are things we need to focus on, we know there are people out there demanding trades and thinking they know what is best for our team, we have faith in the Blackhawks management and at times we do feel like we our letting our fans down. It is hard on us as a team to see a win being taken away from us, we are re-building from the inside out and working on doing what we can do best which is playing Hockey.”

The St. Louis Blues are first in the Easter Division and in the Western Conference, and the League. That is a lot of firsts. They are usually a good team to play and the rivalry is always there. They play hard and very competitive. The Blues get out on the ice and shoot the puck from the beginning of the game to the final horn, they play rough and they take penalties kills to their advantage. The Blackhawks have to hit the ice and play defensive from the start. There are two types of defensive players, there are offensive defensive players who protect the net but play the puck, and then there are defensive defense players who protect the net and the players. The Blackhawks have more of the offensive defensive player; they play the puck and pass it. There is nothing wrong with that kind of player but when push comes to shove they have to be able to play both types. They have to play in front of the net, giving Emery or Crawford view of the puck and not be afraid to get into the middle of things and get the puck out of their zone. The offensive play is great when they are ahead but the defensive play needs to step up and stop letting the opponent score within the first few plays of the game. In Sunday night’s game against the Los Angeles Kings it was like playing catch up continuously and it was great seeing Emery save some of the hardest hits goals I’ve witnessed in a long time. The shoot out that lasted six rounds was just mind boggling and questions were raised would it be different if Toews was healthy and playing. It may have been but, I think they played with hearts and really were doing everything they could have done to get the Win. A point is a point and it is better than no point at all. For tomorrow night’s game against the Blues I will be sitting with some of the Blackhawk staff and I plan on keeping my ears open so I can report back on their take on the game. I heard a rumor that Toews and some of the injured players may also be in the same area as me. I know these guys as acquaintances, but have never watched a hockey game with them because they are usually playing. It will surely be interesting and a great experience.


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Just in : Toews did not skate again today, has been suffering headaches, being re-valuated and hopes to return to the Ice very soon. Montador was on the ice but will not play still not cleared for contact. No time line given.

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