February 22, 2012

Panic in New York ?

After a terrible loss to the Penguins where they took 27 shots but couldn’t find the back of the net, New York Ranger fans are left to sit and ponder… What happens next? The most avid fans are ready to jump off the Triborough Bridge, and trade everyone except Henrik Lundqvist.  Some fans say its ok its only 1 game. With the trade deadline slowly approaching, what is the answer for the Eastern Conference Leaders?

Any team would love to get a scoring threat like Rick Nash, but would you give up so much for him? The team is in first place and has gotten this far without him. If the asking price for Nash comes down than pull the trigger on the deal. If not than look for a player that can help on the power play which has been terrible all season.

Does the team need a top 4 defenseman?

I would say for the right price if there is one available yes. Let’s be honest, it is taking Marc Staal a lot longer to find his game than anyone thought. The loss of Michael Sauer to post concussion syndrome, is a bigger loss than anyone expected.  Although Michael Del Zotto is having a bounce back year, and Dan Girardi is continuing to show why he was an All Star, you cannot expect these two guys and Ryan McDonagh to continue to be effective playing as many minutes as they are. It is apparent that Coach Tortorella is losing faith in Stu Bickel and Anton Stralman, who was benched during the game against Pittsburgh. So the best solution would be to find an available Defenseman that will fit into the system.

With all that said, I’m sure Glen Sather has his eyes on the prize and knows what he wants to do. If that’s to stand pat and go to battle with the team that is still #1 in the Eastern Conference or if it’s to pull off a trade or two that will make the team better, that’s what he gets paid for. I mean he is the man that has put this team together and it wasn’t long ago that everyone was talking about what a magical season this is shaping up to be. But after a little bit of a lull and a couple of loses to good teams, it’s not time to hit the panic button just yet. Keep the faith Rangers fans, believe in your coach, your General Manager, and your team, no matter what it looks like after the deadline.

By Joe Clewell

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