February 8, 2012

Lil John and Habs Fans Love Rene Bourque

Looks like the newest Hab is fitting in well with the Montreal Canadiens.  The new guy on the block came to the Habs from the Calgary Flames in a trade for Mike Cammalleri.  Cammalleri made all kind of news in Montreal and the vibe was pretty negative when he was shipped out.

We can easily say that 99% of Habs fans were happy to see "Magic" Mike hit the bricks.  Rene Bourque has been a phenomenal improvement to the Habs line up.  He is big, fast, and he can put the puck in the net. 

On top of that Bourque has a skill that Cammalleri could learn.  Bourque keeps his mouth shut and plays his game.  As for PR and photo ops;  Bourque hangs with Lil John instead of complaining about his ice time.

The end result is more goals, more happy fans and some serious street cred for the boy for the hockey star from Northern, Alberta. I guess this is just a glowing example of karma.  Eat your heart out Mike Cammalleri and rock on Rene Bourque.

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