February 14, 2012

The Hunks of Hockey - Letang, Lundqvist and Kesler are legendary

This one is for all us ladies.  God knows we love our boys of winter and we like it when they rack up the goals and victories.  But, if you are like me, we also love the boys of winter hanging out on "vaca"; rolling around on the bed, or getting dressed to kill. I am new to GetRealHockey but I will do my best to bring some of the better and cuter parts of the "beautiful" game to this blog.  Yes, I know some of you love Maxim Lapierre and then again some of you can't live without him.  Patrick Sharp and Brandon Dubinski also have their crazy fan base who worship the ground they walk on. Today however we are going to go out there and look at some of the boys I love.  My blog post so my rules. :)
Here are my three choices for tonight's post.  I now that not everyone will agree but I think this is a good start. 

Kris Letang is a must have for all us ladies.  The man is a genius on the blue line and not so bad hanging out in his trunk.  He makes all the Pens look beautiful on the power play and he brings the beautiful IQ on and off the ice.

Henrik Lundqvist is the most beautiful thing in the Big Apple.  Thanks god that goalies play with a mask.  Relaxing in bed is a nice look for our power Ranger.  Love him. Yum...Yum... 

Ryan Kesler is well Ryan Kesler.  Full of talent, six pack, and well you know what.  This pic gives us all a reason to watch a Canucks game and smile in secret while the men around us cheer like idiots.

I hope everyone enjoyed these pics because I know I did.   See ya next time and don't forget to send in your selections for my next post on the Hunks of Hockey.

- Keeley Ryan

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