February 16, 2012

Brian Burke's Toughest Trade Deadline

As fans of this great game we call hockey, it is this time of the year that we all get excited just like we did when it was Christmas morning at the age of 5, we just can't wait til the Big Day. Well my fans, with all the non-trade talk going on these past few days I feel this might be the slowest of all the trade deadlines we have ever seen.

I have had one blogger friend of mine mention that he can't put down his smartphone as his tweeter is going off every other second, as he might miss a trade mention or a block buster move or even better yet, a player missing practice (Oh know he has been traded!!, send out the hounds!).

You see I don't get into all that stuff and I can tell you right now most of the good reporters in the media line of work don't either. Oh for sure they have their cells on and the computer rigged up to the Sports shows but that's about it. They will be notified in due time if anyone is going anywhere anytime soon, you see all you are reading and listening to is speculation, dreams, fantasy trades that are developed by, ya you guessed it, the media.

We really can't blame them as this is their livelihood and they have to keep busy but come on, some of these 'make believe trades' that have surfaced are a joke, period.

Let's take today for instance. I heard the rumour (about the 5000 time now) that Columbus Blue Jacket player Rick Nash was heading to Toronto for (get this..) Schenn, Kulemin, Lupul and a 2nd pick. You have to be kidding right. If BB (Brian Burke twitter name) could pull that off without smirking in the background I would declare February 16th as Brian Burke Day from now on. But reality is that it will take a lot more to get Mr. Nash away from CB Jackets, I mean a lot more.

I have been following the Leafs and Burke for a while now and I really believe he wants to make the Big Trade but he knows it and we all should know it, that it won't happen. The reason why is they Leafs don't have enough in the 'kiddie' to make that splash. They don't have enough good players to make it work. Yes they would have enough cash and could work around the cap level but I'm telling you right now, they don't have enough steak to go with them potatoes, simple.

If they were just looking for a second or third line forward then yes they have it but for what Burke has put together these past few years I would be very surprised if he would 'blow' it up in one move. You have to remember to, Nash is a winger not a centre and that is what the Leafs need (and some other parts to but I digress).

What the Leafs fans really need to focus on is what this team really needs and that's secondary help. What I mean by this is secondary scoring, secondary defensive help and please someone stand up and tell me who the heck is suppose to me the number 1 goaltender for the Leafs, please anyone? because right now they don't have one.

The Leafs tendency is to gather up points in bunches, loose 3 go and win 4. Loose 2 go and win 3 and so on. Then they go into a tail spin where they can't do anything right, worry the heck out of their fans then get back on a winning streak and all things nice again in Leaf Land, it's true.

All this talk of making the trade now might never happen or it might happen more so closer to the draft or even in the summer, who really knows, we just have to sit and wait. In my humble opinion this is the area that Brian Burke must work on and work on it continuously so the Leafs can move up to the next level and join the Bruins, Red Wings, Rangers and Vancouver and really start focusing on the trip to the Stanley Cup finals or all Leaf fans will be waiting for another forty odd years to be at the dance!

Wait, wait a minute, this just in... Jeff Carter and a 3rd pick for Schenn, Kulemin and a 2nd rounder. Hey that might be just right!

Until Next Time,

See you after the Game.

Coach Nye

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  1. Excellent post. take a look at http://leafshq.com/2012/02/16/nash-by-the-numbers/

    He makes a really good point in that for a 'Star' player making 7.8M a season, his numbers really aren't all that good.

    I've said it so many times; scoring isn't the issue with the Leafs. Their checking line is a joke. They need a good checking line centre, who can hit, fight and score. Brendan Morrow comes to mind; dude is a warrior, hits like a truck, can play on both the PP and PK and would bring leadership to a young team.