January 30, 2012

Montreal Canadiens Madness Continues

You have to give it to boys in Montreal.  They sure know how to kick up a firestorm.  This New Year is going to be a great time to be Habs fan.  We smell a turnaround.

The rumour mill is on high alert with all sorts of talk about Patrick Roy and his possible involvement as a GM for the Habs. Roy is a hockey god in La Belle Province and he would be the perfect candidate for all Canadiens fans ; both French and English. He was a winner in the NHL and he has continued to be a winner in junior hockey with the Quebec Remparts.

The trade rumours in Montreal also have PK Subban being traded.  We agree with Mike Boone of the Gazette that this would be crazy. 

Subban may be young by NHL standards and sometimes he is to aggressive but the Habs will need that spark once they embrace a more offensive style of hockey.  We clearly saw that the Habs can play offense , last week.  The thrashing of the Detroit Red Wings is a sign of promise and Montreal will surely choose to continue to follow that path in the coming months and years. 

The days of defensive hockey for the Habs are behind them.  Go Habs Go !!!!

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