January 4, 2012

Hockey Nerd's Awesome Evening.

Last night driving back from my brothers birthday dinner I decided to stop at the Goodwill. Now I have a big problem with Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. I am a huge nostalgia dork, this past month I bought a 1984 Olympics Coffee mug, Original Great America (Chicago Amusement Park) Beer Mug, a copy of NHL Faceoff '99 with Chris Chelios on the cover. So you can probably see where this is going.

Usually I start looking at the old VHS selections which in the past I have picked up a copy off hockey's biggest hits with unfortunately Pat LaFontaine graces the cover as the hittee, bad foreshadowing to say the least. Then I move to the books and then drinking glasses. I have really grown up since no longer do I purchase crappy old electronics or exercise equipment which is never used. Then I saw this:

Now at first I was stunned and couldn’t believe it was a vintage stick, because frankly I have never seen one in person...So right off the bat, I knew was going to buy it, it is probably from the mid 60s to 70s because there is no curve.

Secondly to my amazement you can still see the advertising, Victoriaville 40 “M.F” My mouth nearly hit the floor and I sprinted to checkout.

The only problem is, it appears some one went over the original stamps with a sharpie, oh well this thing is still amazing!

This has definitely jumped to the top of my collection next to my 1979 Blackhawks poster. If anyone has knowledge of the age of this stick please contact me at Goodintheroom@gmail.com, I am super interested, now all I need is a cool place to display it.


Joe DeTolve

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